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Group Discussions


Private Insights

Link Building

Inside the program, this is where we thrive, with whitehat link building ideas never shared elsewhere. The community discussions take that even further.

Blueprint members open to collaboration share their niche

SEO Blueprint members on a similar journey, open to supporting each others' mission.

If you pick up links naturally, do this.

Glen shares what he does for 30 minutes, every other month, that gets results.

A unique, repeatable angle Connor used to get links.

A really creative angle (which did actually result in niche-relevant links).

Easy business and marketing link opportunity.

Michael shares a legitimate, high-quality resource that offers links to contributers.

Syed shares some unique HARO tips of his own.

Number eight on his list is something that's easy to overlook.

Are expired domains always worth it for link building?

A great question from Jordan results in a huge reply from Glen.

Where to build links on a ~200 page website?

Owen asks the question, and Glen gives a monster reply.

Michael shares two genius local link building angles

He asked for thoughts from others, but delivered the gold himself.

Ulhas explains his success with the Seed 100

A great read with some excellent real world examples included.

On-site SEO

Our program reveals the on-site SEO tactics we've implemented on some of the web's biggest brands. In the community, we get into the nitty gritty real-world details.

From Blueprint to Basecamp: A whole-group analysis.

Possibly one of our best ideas, the entire group tackled analysing a huge Saas brand.

How a Small On-Site Change Recovered Lost Rankings

Using one of the common issues we pointed out with a new way to fix it.

Grow YouTube views with a genius tip from Kevin

While this isn't our typical topic, Kevin had a great angle to share.

Website speed expert Steve shares his personal checklist

Users appreciate fast websites. Here's what to look for.

Do country-specific extensions (e.g. rank for non-English content?

Tom asked the question, so Glen decided to pull back some of the numbers

Borris shares his tips on performing URL changes at scale

David asked for advice, and Borris over-delivered in his reply.

Passing authority amongst multiple national domains for one brand

Guillaume asked the question and Marten shares his personal approach

Sharing some practical insights on site speed improvements

Gabriel shared some fantastic tips on image optimisation under our site speed video

Misc Gold

Our program reveals the on-site SEO tactics we've implemented on some of the web's biggest brands. In the community, we get into the nitty gritty real-world details.

One Blueprint member went from $250/m to $30K/m with SEO

They share their success story, and how they did it, inside.

Releasing our second Chrome extension to make your life easier

We're constantly updating it, and would love your feedback.

An AMA showing behind the scenes of millions in website sales.

I had a hunch this would be good. It ended up being incredible.

An AMA with the VP of SEO & Content at

We managed to get Kevin Indig to join us inside SEO Blueprint.

Glenn's $2,500/m Rank & Rent success story

You'll find Glenn in the comments talking about a client he's had for a decade.

Different ways to use Zapier for business and marketing

Reuben starts off with some great examples and the comments continue with them.

An expired domain, affiliate success story

Purushottam shows off the quick results he got from using an expired domain.

How Neal grew his agency to six-figures with YouTube

Neal loves to get on camera and speak his mind, and this time is no exception.

What are your favourite (free) SEO tools?

Pete gets the discussion started with his favourite tools.

Web design inspiration with dozens of examples

This topic is particularly close to my (Glen) heart, so I shared a few sources.

What's your favourite rank tracker?

Alex starts a discussion that sees some names repeated a few times.

Paul's advice on buying profitable websites

With a decade of experience, he left a great comment in Justin's thread.

Which premium WordPress themes do our members recommend?

Michael starts off a big discussion on the best premium themes out there.

How do you estimate your total addressable (search) market?

Kevin shares his to-the-point approach on seeing your potential market size.

Purushottam shares amazing advice for building directory sites

Silver asked the question and the response contained so much value.

Client SEO

Turning your skills into revenue by helping others with their SEO.

Could a beginner offer SEO services after finishing the course?

Glen answers Patrick's question with a huge update on what you'll be able to sell.

Here's what our members charge for SEO services

There are some great comments here, especially the first reply from Ev.

How do you deliver audits to SEO clients?

Glen goes on a mini-rant and leaves what is probably his longest Facebook comment ever.

How do you create exceptional content in (unfamiliar) clients' niches?

Glenn shares what may be one of the most impressive approaches to this I've ever seen.


It can just take one idea, well executed, to get people talking about you and your business.

How do you produce quality content for affiliate sites?

Ulhas shares some great thoughts on the content angles he likes to use.

A little-known Google tool to analyse your content.

Sometimes the gold is in the comments, and that's definitely the case here.

A tool to find great products to review as an affiliate.

Dane shares one of his favourite tools for affiliate content inspiration.

How to maximise CTR's on affiliate-focused websites.

What starts as one topic transforms into gold from Purushottam.

How to handle content when starting a media brand

Matthew wants to know how he could possibly tackle media-focused content as a solo founder

Has your content been copied? Some ideas based on experience.

Martin asks for help regarding his content which has been copied word for word.

A super useful Chrome bookmarklet for editing WordPress content

Make website changes less frustrating when you're not logged in.

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We've been here a few years now, constantly updating the course, but it still feels like we're just getting started.

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