"I want cutting-edge SEO tactics that are actually ranking websites."

It's your job to grow website traffic that actually converts into revenue, rather than just looking good in your analytics account.

You already know that organic traffic from search engines is one of the best sources of new customers that exists online. Top rankings can make or break a business.

And you know that instead of interrupting someone like ads can, organic traffic helps you reach people exactly when they want what you have to offer.

But there's just one problem when looking to get higher rankings...

What should you be focusing on right now, for your specific situation, and what resources to help are up to date (and actually working in the real world)?

If I had to guess, you've read a few SEO blogs.

You've already heard terms like keyword research, link building and on-site optimisation.

You already know that you have to write descriptive title tags, find the right terms to target and pick up links to your site along the way.

But your time is limited, and you don't want to spend it on the least effective steps you should be taking.

The worst part is wondering whether the steps you're following are actually up to date and working in the real world.

So let's get semi-serious for a second with help from the rapper Drake, because we aren't here to aim for the stars but struggle on take-off...

There are no secrets about what search engines are looking for.

Sorry but it's true. We don't have any insider info.

Your website should be fast.

Your content should be original.

It should be easy for search engine crawlers to understand what your website is about.

And among other things, you need links from other sites to act as a 'vote' that you've built a great resource (and know what you're talking about).

Google's algorithm can be a bit of a black box at times, but there are no surprises as to what they're trying to show at the top of search results.

But there are original ways to build, acquire and diagnose those things.

This is where over a decade of trial-and-error come in.

Legitimate, whitehat link building angles that haven't been written about dozens of times before.

Advanced keyword research tactics (that even beginners can follow, given the steps) to find terms your competitors aren't targeting.

Unique approaches to find issues with your on-site SEO that may be holding you back.

And particular types of content that can get people talking and give search engine users the result they're looking for.

...but you aren't going to learn those things from a 21-point checklist on a blog.

Or a "content upgrade" that takes you to a Google Sheet.

Especially when different things should be prioritised based on the industry you're in, and the type of site you're looking to grow.

Even worse is when you're trying to piece together insights from lots of different sources to put together an overall strategy that makes sense.

That's where we come in...

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Hours of Training


Individual Lessons


Expert Instructors


Community Discussions

This is not some boring "Here's what a title tag is" training course.

SEO Blueprint covers insights that we have never seen discussed anywhere else online.

Including advice on how to know what applies to your specific situation, so you can get the most impact from your efforts.

With step-by-step videos, checklists, worksheets and a thriving community, you'll have everything you need to rank.

"Glen's recommendations helped us improve crawl budget, remove deadweight pages and led to overall improvements in organic traffic to our key pages.”

Steve Toth

"Glen found a very sneaky technical SEO issue on our homepage. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes goes a long way."

Bill King

16 Insights You'll Find Inside SEO Blueprint

(There are many more, but here's a teaser...)

The keyphrase that helped me generate an additional $50,000 in the past 12 months (that I still rank very well for).

The reverse-HARO method which uses the site HelpAReporter in a non-standard way to find great link partners.

The site much better than HelpaReporter for picking up links (and with less competition).

How to find profitable keyphrases people are ranking "under the radar" using specific lists of online success stories

How I use Zapier to find the people most likely to link to something (works even with a free account)

A way to target the linkerati (the people who link out) on Facebook I've never seen anyone else talk about

What happened when I implemented "ghost page SEO" on one of my websites - with the actual rankings and traffic

How I find expired domains to purchase with great link profiles (I've acquired dozens with this method)

Our exact step-by-step checklist we follow when auditing some of the biggest sites on the planet

Four (!) unique methods I use to find 'secret' pages on any site which probably shouldn't exist (and could be holding them back)

Watch me audit ten different websites, live, covering multiple niches and business types and finding serious issues

Why you should literally give Google $10 (maximum) to find people to connect with for link building

A custom tool I use to segment and prioritise huge lists of sites quickly for outreach and relationships -- you'll get it too

Get first access to the custom website crawler I spent thousands on (works on Windows and Mac) before anyone else

Exactly what we write to clients when we find specific issues on their sites, that you can copy and paste

Want more? There are over 140 more modules and insights inside.


Six Things You'll Be Able to Do After You've Completed the Training

(There are many more, but here's a teaser...)

Find issues with any website - even those with in-house SEO teams - within minutes of looking at them

Know exactly what steps to take to build ethical, whitehat links to websites (without begging for them at scale)

Find keywords to target with decent search volume and minimal competition, that works in any niche

Generate content ideas with the best chance of having people talk about (and link to them) that are relevant to your industry

Utilise industry best-practice tactics for local SEO and growing local businesses through search

Get answers from the course creators and other community members if you ever need ideas or feedback

SEO Blueprint is all about helping you level-up your traffic, career and connections.

hi there

Meet your host, Glen Allsopp

That's not me on the conference stage, but that is my work on the screen, presented by the Vice President of a $200M/year business (Yext).

I'm pretty proud of the work he's presenting: My deep-dive into how 16 companies own a huge chunk of websites dominating Google's search results.

I've been doing SEO for over 14 years, advising some of the biggest brands on the internet like ConvertKit, Buffer, Ahrefs and many more.

Over the past 12 months alone, through our SEO agency, we've helped our clients acquire millions of extra visitors from Google.

The advice I've given to others have resulted in some very nice feedback over the years...


"I've been a practitioner of digital marketing for over a decade and I've learned more from Glen about SEO than anyone else."

Clay Collins

"Glen has been my go-to source for SEO advice and lessons for years. I’ve always found tremendous value in his content."

Ash Read

Everything Included With

SEO Blueprint

7 Blueprints. 154 Step-by-Step Lessons.

If you need it, we've covered it in style. With real-world examples to boot.

On-Site Blueprint

Often the quickest way to improve rankings, you'll learn cutting-edge angles.

Link Building Blueprint

Get whitehat link building strategies that have never been shared elsewhere online.

Keyword Blueprint

Highly search volume, low-competition keywords are right here (and no longer a myth).

Content Blueprint

Learn exactly how to write what Google wants to rank, and other webmasters want to link to.

Local SEO Blueprint

Two highly successful local SEO's (one from a WeWork acquired company) share all they know.

Experts Blueprint

Outside experts share their best link building, site speed and website acquisition secrets.

+ the Audits Blueprint, where we audit 10 different websites on video and find real-world issues with them.


Elite Community Support (Without the Elitism)

A moderated community, truly focused on helping each other grow.

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... ...

1,500+ discussions and counting.

We have two separate levels of support, to keep things organised and valuable.

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1,000+ Beneath-the-Lesson Comments

Get detailed answers to questions before you even have them, right as you're taking a specific lesson.

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500+ Private Group Discussions

Our quality pruned, members-only Facebook group is truly special (pen names allowed so you're free to ask anything.)


Three Promises If You Join Us Today

A moderated community, truly focused on helping each other grow.

Lifetime updates.

We updated updated the course once per week, on average, for the past six months.

30-day moneyback guarantee.

You won't find this in many other SEO courses. We truly believe in what we're selling.

Zero upsells.

As soon as you pay, that's it. No additional offers or anything else to buy (I promise).

Full Training + Community Support
$ 597


Lifetime access

100+ private, HD videos

Private community support

All future course updates

30-day money back guarantee

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Full training + One on One Support
$ 4,597

Get the entire course and updates for life plus 90-days unlimited one on one consulting from Glen and the Detailed.com team. This includes signing an NDA.


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"Glen is one of very few people I reach out to for SEO advice."

Tim Soulo

"There's no one I'd trust more for SEO help."

Cassidy Tuttle
Whatever SEO situation you're in, you can be sure we're in it with you.

If you look in your spam folder right now, there's a good chance you'll find SEO companies offering guaranteed first page rankings.

(Even if you don't yet have a website).

Don't fall for it from them, and don't expect it from us. We're not going to guarantee you'll rank #1 for your dream keyword overnight.

We will however promise two things...

#1 Our training is based on everything we know to help give you the best chance of that happening, in a repeatable and sustainable way.

#2 We don't just talk about SEO, but live it day in and day out, and share everything we learn on the journey.


We don't take credit for the results above. Our clients deserve the praise for building sites worth visiting in the first place.

(And it was very nice of them to let us use their screenshots for this page.)

We just help them see the missed opportunities in their overall strategy, and the on-site issues holding them back.

Issues and flaws that, when rectified, can help them outrank their competition.

SEO Blueprint is all about sharing these same strategy shifts, tactics and insights with you, so your projects can get seen by a lot more of your target audience.

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Seven Blueprints

Covering link building, on-site SEO, keyword research, content marketing, local SEO, expert videos & live audits.

100+ HD Videos

Created solely for SEO Blueprint, watch on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Private Community

Two levels of support (under video + a members-only Facebook groups) with over 1,500 discussions.

30-day no questions asked, moneyback guarantee.

We're so confident you'll love our unique insights and private community that you we'll give you 100% of your money back if you don't.

Full Training + Community Support
$ 597


Lifetime access

100+ private, HD videos

Private community support

All future course updates

30-day money back guarantee

Add to Cart
Full training + One on One Support
$ 4,597

Get the entire course and updates for life plus 90-days unlimited one on one consulting from Glen and the Detailed.com team. This includes signing an NDA.


Can't Pay via (Above)?

We also accept :

Stripe is a 100% secure payment processor.

"I've hired various SEO experts and Glen was still able to find room for improvement."

Pat Flynn

"I got a ton of value and a fresh perspective on our SEO efforts, not to mention some things I would never have noticed."

Nathalie Lussier

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Click on the question to reveal our response. Anything missing? Email hey@detailed.com.

As soon as you purchase SEO Blueprint you'll be redirected to a page where you can set-up your username and password, and you'll be able to log-in straight away.

You can tackle this program at your own availability. So whether you have an hour per day spare or an hour per week, the training will be ready when you are. As with anything, the more time you can dedicate it to the better, but there are no minimums.

Even if you've never built a website before, SEO Blueprint is designed to get you to intermediate and advanced levels of SEO, quickly. I love helping beginners make that happen.

There are over a dozen proven strategies in this course I don't believe you'll find anywhere else on the web. I've introduced the SEO world to a number of concepts that have never been shared, and I'm doing it again with SEO Blueprint.

Absolutely. I'm incredibly proud to be sharing our on-site checklist for the first time - with step by step tutorials for every check we make - inside the program.

You give your login details to a member of your team and I'll help ensure they're an even more valuable part of it. You can both see their total progress inside the 'progress' page as well.

Note: Due to the community aspect of SEO Blueprint as well, please only share access with one direct team member.

Nothing is drip-fed, and you'll get the entirety of the program as soon as you join. Most course creators avoid this, but we're not most course creators.

Without a doubt. SEO is ever-changing so we'll update the course to stay on top of that - and any new insights we pick up along this journey. I only have one other training program (on client acquisition) and I've updated it for six years straight. I don't see SEO Blueprint being any different.

No. I hate them as much as you do. What you see on this page is what you get.

Absolutely you get support, and I am very proud of the system we have in place (I haven't seen it elsewhere, and it's working really well).

The first level is our comments system. Under every single video (100+ of them) you can ask questions about the training. Right now there are already 800 questions and answers you can learn from.

I experiment with a lot of SEO tactics that could be described as greyhat to stay in the loop of what's currently working, but everything inside SEO Blueprint is in keeping with Google's guidelines and recommendations. We push the boundaries, but never to an unethical manner.

There are two videos inside the link building module (out of 16) that will not be relevant to you, as they focus on sites primarily written in English

That said, you'll find all other insights in the course apply to sites in any language.

Doors Closing

We only accept new members in batches so we can be personally active in our private community (the last opening was November 2019).

Let's level-up, together.

How do you end a sales page that features a 3D version of the Drake meme? If the 16 insights weren't enough to convince you, we would love your questions via hey@detailed.com.

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