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Meet the creator of SEO Blueprint, Glen Allsopp

That's not me on the conference stage, but that is my work on the screen, presented by the Vice President of a $390M/year business (Yext).

I'm pretty proud of the work he's presenting: My deep-dive into how just 16 companies behind 500+ websites are dominating Google's search results.

I've been doing SEO for over 17 years, advising some of the biggest brands on the internet like ConvertKit, Buffer, Ahrefs, Kinsta and many more.

Over a single 12 month period alone, through our SEO agency, we've helped our clients acquire millions of extra visitors from Google.

The advice I've given to others have resulted in some very nice feedback over the years...


"I've been a practitioner of digital marketing for over a decade and I've learned more from Glen about SEO than anyone else."

Clay Collins

"Glen has been my go-to source for SEO advice and lessons for years. I’ve always found tremendous value in his content."

Ash Read

We only open the doors once or twice per year. Join the waiting list here so you don't miss out.

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