SEO Blueprint Support

SEO Blueprint is not your typical SEO training, so this is not your typical support page.

Not only do you have lifetime access, but you’ll get updates for life (with the promise that the course will never be cheaper than our introductory price).

We’ve tried to make SEO Blueprint as thorough as possible, but understand you’ll have some questions along the way.

If you didn’t notice it, you can click What’s New on the top right of the page to always see what we’ve added recently. It will actually show an update count every time we add something new so you don’t have to keep clicking on it.

Ask Questions Under Each Relevant Video

Have a specific question about any aspect of our training? Click on the ‘View Comments’ button below each relevant video and ask away.

You should find comments on every page, except for the main blueprint overview pages and specific content idea pages.

Shy? Don’t Want to Be Judged? We’ve Got You…

You shouldn’t have to worry about asking questions and “looking stupid” (we won’t judge you) or potentially revealing who you are if you would prefer your website to be private.

That’s why we’ve made it incredibly easy for you change the name that appears next to your comments on the website. Simply go to your Edit Profile Page to change it (Note: You need to be logged in for that link to work).

We Have a Facebook Group

Update: We now have a Facebook group (!). You can learn more about it on our changelog, here.

Note: You must enter your account email address when applying to join or you will not be approved. This is to make sure only members are inside the group.

The Facebook Group is not for course support, but to interact with other members of the program, not only because Groups are not the most organised form of discussion, but not everyone wants to use Facebook.

For course support, we have comments under each video.

Have an Account Related Issue?

For issues regarding your account – this page is viewable without being logged in – please send an email to [email protected], being sure to include the email address associated with your SEO Blueprint account.

Our Promise to You

There is no one “best” SEO in the world, but there are a lot of people with a lot of experience who know what they are talking about.

Our promise is that we will keep on top of Google announcements and changes so you know exactly what’s happening in the world of search going forward…

…and continually bring in people to add to our experts module to stay on top of what’s working right now.

Thank you for being part of this program!